WillSuite - Help support mums this Mother’s Day

Written by Maya Neama on 28th March 2022

Whether you’re a working Mum or a full-time Mum, you deserve the best when trying to protect your family and your assets. Mothers all over the world come to you to seek help and legal advice and we believe they deserve the best results. Here’s how our software can help you provide your clients that are Mums out there with the best service and customer satisfaction.

SMS Feature

The SMS feature allows you to send SMS messages from your WillSuite account. The messages are programmed to be sent to the client through your company name so that your branding stays consistent. 

It is a no reply text system, so your clients won’t be able to reply, but they will receive updates throughout their process with you. You can schedule these updates using the pipelines, under the ‘company settings.’ 

These messages to your client are also logged, so you are able to track exactly what updates your clients have received.

Some examples of how this feature can be useful for mums:

  1. You can send the clients updates, as mentioned above, at each stage of their journey so that they have confidence in your work and are never kept in the dark. The ability to schedule and automate these updates means a client is never forgotten about and the customer satisfaction is maintained.
  2. You can ensure that clients receive appointment confirmation and reminders so that working mums don’t get too busy to remember the appointment with you. This guarantees less no shows for you, therefore saving you time and money.
  3. You can leave a thank you message at the end of your journey with the client and send a link for them to leave a review. Not only does this help you to maintain and improve your customer satisfaction, but it also ensures that your clients leave your service feeling confident and fulfilled.

To find out more about or SMS Feature, please check out our article on how to best use this feature: https://willsuite.co.uk/blog/how-to-use-willsuites-sms-feature-for-best-effect 

Pre-approved meeting times

This feature means you can allow clients to book pre-approved meetings with you regarding their case. This ensures that there is no back and forth with your clients about when to schedule a meeting; it allows for speed and efficiency and sets the tone for your upcoming business with them.

Removing that risk of delay at the start of your relationship with your client means that you won’t impact the actual service you’re providing. It also means that people can easily work around their busy schedules and see what works for both them and you, once again, improving customer satisfaction.

Secure client data and payments

Being a mum means that you have a family to look out for. We have built our software around ensuring that all our clients feel they can provide a safe and secure service to their clients. 

It is important to us that we are GDPR compliant and we store all data securely and ensure that we regularly backup that data. As a company, it is possible for you to have a master licence as well as lockdown permissions for certain users whenever and wherever you feel necessary.

Documents are able to be encrypted within the system and you can send your clients the specific password for that document within an SMS message that you can set up through our software. Your users can also opt in to regular password changes if they wish and are also able to set up 2 factor authentication.

For more information on setting up 2 factor authentication with us, check out our YouTube video in which one of our team explains that process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Y_bR5iTlc 


Quick and speedy process

Our intelligent and intuitive questionnaires ensure that you are answering the right questions and creating the relevant clauses as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can preview your draft as you go along to ensure it is exactly how you like it. Features like the address book also mean that you only have to enter certain details once which allows for efficiency and means you cut down on unnecessary time wasting. This means that not only are you saving valuable time, but clients are receiving quicker results.

Our easy to use software means that the process is made as easy as possible; this reduces the risk of time-consuming errors. As well as this, the fact that our software uses plain English means there is no time wasted explaining to the clients what certain aspects of the will are so results are achieved at a faster rate and the client is happy and confident with the document you are providing them with.

We also have a great customer service team which means that you are consistently supported throughout your experience with us. This allows you to deal quickly and effectively with any issues that you are having and then get straight back to work.

This speedy process means that mums and families can feel safe and secure with their estate planning faster and aren’t left hanging in the balance for too long. 

To find out more about how speedy the process can be, check out our article looking at how two of out team go head to head to see who can draft a will in the quickest time: https://willsuite.co.uk/blog/how-long-does-will-drafting-take-on-willsuite 

In conclusion, we think our software is great for providing a great service to all the mums out there that deserve it. 

For more information on how you could improve your business this mother’s day or for a demo of our solution, click here.

Thanks for reading!