How long does Will drafting take on WillSuite?

Written by Tom Stansfield on 1st December 2021

Those who follow WillSuite on Social Media will have seen our recent video where we explore how quickly Wills can be drafted.

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Firstly, we started by drafting Wills on a typewriter using predetermined instructions. It was a relatively simple Will but took about 25 minutes. We created a video about the process of how Wills used to be drafted. What was more entertaining was seeing how the developers swarmed around the typewriter like it was some sort of mystical object.

Following this video Phil and Tom from WillSuite got into a debate about how quickly documents could be created on WillSuite. This soon turned into a contest about who was the quicker drafter. Both are competent navigating the system (Phil on customer support and Tom from demonstrations), although I expect there will be users that are far quicker than us. With this in mind, we’re open to a drafting challenge! Any users who would like to take on the WillSuite team and think they can draft a Will quicker, is welcome to challenge us.

We won’t spoil the video by saying who was quicker but head over to our YouTube channel to see who was quicker:

The main thing that this goes to show is how quickly mirror Wills can be drafted on quality software (and that includes creating a case). 

If you are not using software to create your Wills or would like a demonstration of WillSuite then please reach out to our team who will be happy to explain the benefits and give you a tour. This is the best link: