How to use WillSuite’s SMS feature for best effect!

Written by WillSuite on 21st March 2022

Did you know that you can send clients SMS messages from your WillSuite account? In this article we’ll explain how to use the functionality of SMS marketing and describe how some users are putting it to task.

Firstly, for clarity, any texts that come from your WillSuite system appear to come from your business for example:

They are a no reply text message meaning that clients aren’t able to respond to them.

The text messages are automated and can be sent to clients during any point in the client journey.

You can schedule text messages using the pipelines (under alerts) in your ‘company settings’.

SMS alerts are used in a variety of ways by users of the platform but we’ve shared a few examples to provide you with guidance and food for thought.

Messages sent using the SMS solution are automatically logged within the client interaction so that you have a log of all communication sent to clients.

Example 1:

Encrypting documents and then emailing them to clients. Sending a text message to the clients with the password for the documents. This can be done within each case. Simply copy and paste the password into a ‘free-type’ text message.

Example 2:

Sending the clients a notification as part of an LPA pipeline to notify clients that their LPA has been sent to/ returned by the OPG. This can be automated as part of a pipeline step.

Example 3:

Sending the clients a thank you message at the end of the client journey with a link to leave a business review. This could be done via a pipeline step.

Example 4:

Appointment confirmations and reminders. These can be send out when booking appointments using the appointment tool within WillSuite.

The WillSuite team is on hand to support and help demonstrate the process of building notifications into pipeline steps. Alternatively, check out this video demonstrating how to build pipelines and add notifications: