WillSuite are at the forefront of legal tech continuing to release new products and technological advancements and services to the industry.

Love Legal Connect

Your branded client-facing portal

If you're looking to be able to provide draft documents to clients, to capture client or prospect information, to get documents signed online, or to get I.D from clients then the new Connect integration is for you.

Your full legal document suite

Full Document Suite

WillSuite is a back-office drafting software package for estate planning and private client professionals allowing users to create a full suite of legal documents from both simple and complex wills, through to lasting powers of attorney, will based trusts, intervivos trusts (lifetime trusts), letters of wishes, SEV forms and more. It’s been built to save users from double keying data or duplicate data entry. Cases work from an address book for each case and you can pull people into documents when needed.

Look after your clients


Appointments are vital to any estate planning business, and this tool allows you an overview - as well as being able to reduce no shows by sending out reminder SMS messages to clients.

Keep comprehensive notes with intuitive questionnaires


Our questionnaires have been built to follow. Within the questionnaire is the client address book, meaning whether you're doing wills or LPAs for both your initial client and their families - you'll only ever have to enter their details once.

Look after your clients data

Secure Client Data

WillSuite is fully GDPR compliant. All data is stored securely within the UK and backed up regularly. Companies can have a master license and lock down permissions for some users as needed. Users can opt for regular mandatory password changes, can set up 2 factor authentication and documents can be encrypted within the system. You can then demonstrate to your clients that you take the security of their data seriously.

Your external administrative team

Print, Bind and Send Service

There are times when you may need an extra pair of hands within your business and WillSuite provides additional administrative support with our print, bind and send service. Within the system, you can upload documents that you would like WillSuite to print (decide the type of paper), decide how you would like it bound (legal corner, heat sealed etc.) and then tell us where you would like us to post it. We take the administrative burden away from you.

Zoom meetings at your fingertips

Zoom - from WillSuite

More and more businesses are doing video appointments and since the start of the first lockdown, WillSuite clients have been able to set up Zoom meetings and have the links emailed to clients from their account. No more having to log into Zoom to set up a meeting and then having to type an email to your client with details and the link. This is all taken care of within the appointment booking section of WillSuite.

Branded Customisable Invoicing at the click of a button

Branded invoicing

Why do you need to pay for multiple systems when features like invoicing are available at no extra cost within your WillSuite package. Set your prices within the system, then simply click on the invoicing tab within a case and your invoices can be created in seconds. Better still, you can record progress, chase payments and improve cashflow within the system.

See where your clients are coming from

Your marketing dashboard

Businesses that have a handle on where their work is coming from and can manage the relationships with introducers, stakeholders and clients are going to build longevity. WillSuite gives you a number of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to enable you to track what your business is doing well, where business is coming from and enables growth. Additionally, the WillSuite team provide support and advice to help you generate more business.

Create and track custom client journeys


The Pipeline functionality built into WillSuite, coupled with "pipeline notifications" is one of our most valuable business automation tools in the software. It can be used for flagging up cases to appointed people within the business which may have been lost / forgotten about, or for automating chasing of clients who may have had a draft will sent to them but have never responded.

A Will and a lasting power of attorney
A Will and a lasting power of attorney
A Will and a lasting power of attorney

And so much more!

Here's just a few hand-picked features available within the software which help our clients to run and grow their businesses.

A Will and a lasting power of attorney

Appointment Booking

Interaction Logs

Mail Merge Letters


Chaser Automation

Pipeline Tracking

System Reporting

SMS Reminders

CSV Exporting

Customisable fields

Office 365 Integration

Role Management