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Keep your clients safe with WillSuite Posted by WillSuite on 09/11/2017 16:37

Will writing software and CRM provider WillSuite announce increased security measures to keep your account safe.

Intelligent Will Writing Software Posted by Seb Shakh on 15/08/2017 15:56

Our new feature makes error checking a breeze!

What a busy week! Posted by WillSuite on 09/08/2017 15:49

What a busy week! Plenty of great feedback...

Reduce your errors when entering data Posted by Seb Shakh on 26/06/2017 14:32

Reduce human error and laborious data entry! WillSuite allows you to mirror info between Health and Welfare / Property and Financial LPAs 🔥

Will Writing Software to Die for – WillSuite Posted by Seb Shakh on 26/06/2017 14:20

WillSuite continues to enhance our Will writing software for advisers in the Will writing industry. Having recently announced the launch of iOS and android apps, we are now broadening the software with large updates planned over the next month (free to our users, of course).

Will Writers: 5 simple tips to stay secure online Posted by WillSuite on 31/03/2017 09:00

As a developer at working in both the technology and legal sectors, I'm no stranger to seeing people confused by the techy or legal terms thrown around like cocktail sausages at a child's birthday party. I also see many firms struggle to grasp the concepts or importance of keeping informed of how to address the latest risks to the security of your software and data. I've compiled a brief summary in plain-English (in true WillSuite fashion) with 5 quick tips you can use to reduce the risks of data theft and scams within your business.