Connect - WillSuites new Client Portal

Written by WillSuite on 15th January 2022

WillSuite has just launched Connect, a Love Legal integration.

Connect is a client facing portal that allows users to interact with their customers through a custom branded portal. WillSuite users have access to:

  • Document upload and request approval of documents such as draft Wills.
  • Request clients to fill out details, including personal information, case address books, assets and liabilities information, and more
  • Upload documents to be signed with custom e-signature boxes, such as terms of business
  • Provide clients with pre-approved meeting times to easily schedule appointments
  • Build and send custom questionnaires which automatically pre-populate client’s files and CRM fields
  • Send branded invoices to clients for secure online payment with our new Stripe Integration.

WillSuite was built to provide a secure online document drafting solution and has been developed as a result of user feedback, and our client portal is no exception. We’ve listened to what our users want and need, and we’ve built it into Connect. We’ve thought carefully about user experience, right down to the finer details. This means you get to benefit from seamless interaction with your clients, a company branded portal interface, and an overall streamlined experience for your customers.

Requests can be sent via the Connect tab on the left hand side of a case within WillSuite.

Here you’re able to send multiple different types of requests, all at the same time. This makes data collection a breeze and will see the need for double data entry reduced dramatically, as you are able to request exactly what you need from the client.

Additionally, we’ve taken measures to protect you and your client’s data. Connect provides you with a secure platform to send and receive confidential data, for each request made the client must provide verification of identity. On top of this, for any e-signatures put through the system, a replay, IP address, and other details like browser/device used is saved. This is to ensure you’re receiving a legitimate signature. 

For more information on the Connect platform, click here.

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