Why Will Writers and Estate Planning Professionals use WillSuite

Why Will Writers & Estate Planning Professionals use WillSuite

WillSuite is the software solution endorsed and promoted by both The Society of Will Writers and by The Institute of Professional Will Writers.

WillSuite enables Will Writing firms to adopt technology, transform their business and grow.

There are a number of reasons why WillSuite is trusted by progressive Will Writing firms.

  1. It's built to support communication with clients, to produce all manner of legal documents quickly and effectively, and to future-proof your business.
  2. It's proven that businesses that utilise technology build a more valuable business and we're seeing this with WillSuite clients.
  3. We provide support to help you make the most of the system, to understand what your business objectives are and how the system will help you work towards those goals.
  4. We have systems in place that enable you to protect your business from future claims.

A room full of experts ready to help you

WillSuite is at heart, a software company and we have hand-picked a team of friendly experts (you could call us geeks) who are always building new, innovative tools to help the legal industry. Whether you would like a new feature, need marketing support or would like to offer a smoother client journey, we have an expert on hand to help.