Why Solicitors use WillSuite

Why Solicitors use WillSuite

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Risk mitigation
  4. Integration with other systems
  5. Customisable documents
  6. Option to use or add your own precedents
  7. Happy clients

WillSuite is a software solution popular with law firms enabling them to produce comprehensive documents for their clients.

The system has a number of built-in tools to future proof your practice, to enable you to communicate effectively with your clients and to keep a handle on cases.

WillSuite is built with solicitor drafted clauses, is proven and produces over 100,000 documents every year. WillSuite is also the producer of an industry report widely used by Solicitors in their marketing.

A room full of experts ready to help you

WillSuite is at heart, a software company and we have hand-picked a team of friendly experts (you could call us geeks) who are always building new, innovative tools to help the legal industry. Whether you would like a new feature, need marketing support or would like to offer a smoother client journey, we have an expert on hand to help.