Why IFAs and Accountants use WillSuite

What IFAs and Accountants use WillSuite

There is a natural synergy between estate planning and financial planning and WillSuite enables both IFAs and Accountants to add additional revenue streams for their business.

Accountants are able to offer probate services to clients and many are making the most of the opportunity and adding estate planning services like the creation of Wills and LPAs to their product/service portfolio. Doing so, not only creates additional revenue streams but will also help develop better relationships with clients and enable better and more comprehensive tax planning.

Financial Advisers are asking the clients whether they have a Will and now supporting their clients with the production of these documents. Using WillSuite and our intuitive questionnaires, your clients Wills can be produced effectively and efficiently. The benefits that this brings are that you're able to identify the full extent of the client's estate value (and where you might be able to provide additional value) but also to better understand the family position and to plan for intergenerational wealth planning.

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A room full of experts ready to help you

WillSuite is at heart, a software company and we have hand-picked a team of friendly experts (you could call us geeks) who are always building new, innovative tools to help the legal industry. Whether you would like a new feature, need marketing support or would like to offer a smoother client journey, we have an expert on hand to help.