WillSuite – Keeping Contemporaneous Notes

Written by WillSuite on 14th December 2020

Many of you will be familiar with the term ‘contemporaneous’ when it comes to instruction taking and it’s important to make notes ‘at the time’ of the meeting to create an effective case file and to future proof your business.

WillSuite has a couple of useful inbuilt tools which enable you to keep contemporaneous notes.

Firstly, each client record has it’s own interaction log. This means that you can record any communication you have with a client, when it was and what has been said. This is useful from an audit perspective because you can export a record of communication in the event of a claim or to rebut a claim.

Any automated messages or notifications within the system will be automatically added to your client interaction file. This is easily accessible.

Another feature helping you keep detailed notes is the Will Questionnaire itself. Within the questionnaire you can add notes to each and every question about the circumstances surrounding the clients answer. This will enable you to keep an electronic record about the instruction taking meeting, the client’s understanding of specific situations and information relating to their capacity.

Finally, to prevent you from falling foul of the most demanding client, you can have communication automated and to come from the system meaning you’ll be kept in check. This is done by adding notification to steps within a pipeline so that as you progress through the client journey, emails or SMS messages are automatically sent.

If anyone would like a 1-2-1 demonstration of these features or would like a free 14 day trial of the software to put it through its paces, please email support@willsuite.co.uk, visit our website or give us a call.