WillSuite from the Perspective of a Novice

Written by Sam Jackson on 10th May 2021

During my first week at WillSuite, I had to get familiarised with the system. I’ve been thinking about how my early experiences with the platform might be good to write about, as it sums up how a novice approaches the WillSuite system.

When you login you’re welcomed by the dashboard, a page full of key performance indicators, appointment reminders, and when setup, tasks to be completed. This makes keeping on top of everything a breeze. Everything is laid out in front of you, and is easy to understand.

I began making a will for myself. As I worked through all the questionnaires I found the process intuitive. I only ever needed to add the details of my family and friends in once, as the system saves their information. Once completing my Will, I was able to make a mirror Will in seconds. 

Firstly, I’m a marketeer and not an estate planner or Will writer. So my first thoughts before trialing the system went along the lines of, “I doubt I’ll understand how any of this works''. I instead found that writing documents like Wills and LPAs were extremely intuitive due to the questionnaire format, helpful tips, and error flags if something is missing from the Will.

There were a few times I encountered features I was unsure how to use, which led me to the support tab which has a list of easy to follow videos on all the different WillSuite features.This is likely down to the number of features included within WillSuite and not because it is complex to navigate, and I quickly realised that ‘company settings’ was where I could make any system changes’. If a problem arises, getting help is as simple as submitting a support request, and a friendly member of the team is on hand to help.

Because client information only needs to be entered once, it prevents errors from double keying data. There’s lots here to help bring efficiency to your practice, but it all starts with easy to use software.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting, for more why not check out the website or our social media pages? WillSuite.co.uk, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

You can trial the software for 14 days here.

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