WillSuite Branded Invoicing

Written by Sam Jackson on 19th April 2021

  • WillSuite allows you to run your entire practice directly from your account, one of the inbuilt features that makes this happen is our branded invoicing. Create and send invoices, all within seconds.

Branded invoicing is a great way to reinforce brand recognition and continuity across the sales process, and with WillSuite, you get exactly that. Professional branding for payment invoices stands out, bolsters your brand, and simply makes your invoice look good.

Invoices, despite being so important (It’s how you get paid!), are sometimes overlooked. Here at WillSuite, we know that your branding is everything, so why leave it aside when it comes to invoicing? Our inbuilt solution is there to make sure you’re ahead on your payments.

Invoices are as simple as setting up your prices from the company settings tab, selecting the invoicing tab within a case, and from there everything is ready to go at no extra cost. Once you have your company logo inputted to the system, it will be used automatically in your invoices. Multiple invoices can be created for each case, and their progress can be tracked.

On top of all this, you can chase payments, record your progress, mark as paid, view, and edit your previous invoices at any time. Users can improve their cashflow within the system by being able to avoid mistakes, delays in sending, and late payments by selecting payment due dates. In addition, all invoices are securely sent through our portal. For the client, it’s as simple as using the secure payment link. All your invoice data is displayed clearly on your dashboard homepage for easy reference, making progress easy to track.

WillSuite makes the hassle of invoicing become a streamlined process, that in the end benefits both your business and customers. Sign up for a free 14 day trial today.