WillSuite adds to CRM customisation features

Written by WillSuite on 26th August 2020

WillSuite has a team of in-house developers who are continually driving the progress of the system. Recently, the CRM has undergone some great development with users being able to create and add customisable pipelines for cases. We are seeing users creating 'sales funnel' pipelines and 'customer satisfaction' pipelines to ensure that clients continually get excellent service and the business maximises opportunities.

This week, the development team have given users the ability to choose how their client index looks and to select which CRM fields appear in this view. This means that custom CRM fields can now be selected in their index view.

In order to change your index view, simply navigate to 'company settings' and then 'case index' on the navigation bar on the left. You can then select what appears and in what order.

If you need any assistance setting this up, please contact us and we will be happy to help.