Why WillSuite is the perfect tool for Solicitors

Written by Maya Neama on 9th May 2022


In the ever-growing world of automation and software, clients have higher customer service expectations than ever. This puts a lot of pressure on solicitors firms to deliver lightning fast turnaround times and prompt client communication, all while delivering a standout professional quality. So with the workload piling up in your wills and probate department, what tools are available to you?


Don’t let the name fool you, WillSuite is FAR more than just Will writing software. We provide a comprehensive marketing dashboard and CRM solution to assist you in growing your business. Let’s go through how these features of WillSuite can help your business to flourish.

The Marketing Dashboard

One of the valuable features of the marketing dashboard are the KPIs (Key performance indicators) that help to navigate your business. They provide a clear focus on the areas of your business that are thriving, as well as those that require improvement in order to encourage growth within your business. This way, you are able to track the outcomes of your business in order to target the areas that require more energy. KPIs provide encouragement for you and your employees to direct attention to those areas that are in need of a little TLC.


A CRM, also known as a customer relationship management system, helps to track client data securely. It ensures that client relationships and case management runs smoothly for your business. It also enables you to reduce the risk of losing track of client communications and case progression.

You are provided with a tool that helps you to maintain great relationships with your clients and keep up to date with their progress, using the pipelines feature, whilst working with you. Solicitors can fall guilty of spending so much time seeking new business that they are at risk of neglecting their current client base. A CRM ensures that your current and future clients don’t feel, and aren’t, forgotten. 

One of the many ways in which WillSuite can support you with this, is the SMS feature. You are able to schedule and log messages to be sent to the clients at different points in their progression to ensure that they consistently feel supported by you. 


Connect allows you to really communicate effectively with your clients and ensure that all bases are covered in terms of transactions between you and your client. There are many different features to connect that allow this to happen: you can check for approval of documents, request client details or signatures, easily schedule pre-approved appointments and finally send branded invoices using the stripe integration. This guarantees that client satisfaction is at its best and that communication is efficient in order to generate the best outcome possible for the client. 

To find out more about what a CRM is and how it can develop your business, check out our blog on CRMs: https://willsuite.co.uk/blog/what-is-a-crm

If you’re a solicitor looking to obtain and achieve the most effective tools and systems to help your business progress, go to WillSuite.co.uk and start your 14-day FREE trial today.