Why WillSuite is chosen by Law Firms

Written by WillSuite on 6th January 2021

Why WillSuite is chosen by Law Firms

In a tightly regulated and highly scrutinised sector, it is crucial to be able to show that you have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s. WillSuite helps you tick those regulatory boxes with a number of sophisticated tools and that is why we are fast becoming the go to provider for most private client solicitors.

Let us run through some of the hot topics we get asked about by law firms when they are looking at Will Writing Software:

Client Data


Who owns it?

At WillSuite, we have no desire to go direct to consumer and your clients may never even need to know we exist. As such the data (your client’s data) that you put into the system belongs to you and your client. We simply keep it safe. If at any point, you decide to leave WillSuite, we will never hold it to ransom and there are already pre-built in tools which mean that you can extract data in an open CSV format.


How is kept secure?

Our team of experts work hard to ensure that your client data is secure and take regular backups. We maintain GDPR compliance by never sharing the data and it will never leave the UK. More information about how we maintain data can be found in our information security policy, available on request.

Two Factor Authentication

For those of you not familiar with two factor auth, it is widely used to provide an additional layer of security when trying to access websites or applications. In layman’s terms what it means is that in order to be able to login to your WillSuite account, you will be asked for your username and password but also can enable an additional one time passcode to keep your client’s data safe. If your login details were ever compromised, it makes it harder for the perpetrator to access data they shouldn’t be.

Case Audits and Tracking

In a busy legal firm it’s important to be able to hold people to account for their actions, to assess their workloads and to identify any bottlenecks. Within WillSuite there is a log made of any changes to instructions, who by, at what time and this enables the master license (typically a head of department) to be able to help the firm reduce errors, improve productivity, and build on success.

The need to control costs

This isn’t just a consideration for legal firms but for all businesses so our fixed cost license fee enables you understand exactly what the firm is spending. Better still, our system often reduces the need for multiple systems by having a case management feature, appointment booking, and obviously the document drafting element. All included within the price.

These are just some of the features within WillSuite that enable a business law firm to function effectively. If you would like to trial the system for yourself of if you have any questions about implementing our software within your firm, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to help.