Why use WillSuite in 2024?

Written by WillSuite on 9th January 2024

For many businesses, the new year is a fantastic opportunity to implement new systems and processes that can have a positive impact on efficiency.

With that in mind, this article is going to take a look at all the ways WillSuite can improve your private client practice or estate planning department in 2024.

Efficient drafting system, faster than traditional methods

One of the features that sets WillSuite apart from other systems on the market, is the dynamic questionnaire-based drafting system.

The questionnaire is set up to make the process of drafting estate planning documents more efficient while reducing the risk of errors. This is done by minimising double-data entry, intuitive error catching and an easy to use preview system to monitor document drafting progress.

Throughout the questionnaire you are able to instantly pull through relationships from your client’s address book with a few clicks.

You can create Wills, LPAs and other estate planning in a fraction of the time it takes to traditionally draft. Once complete, you are free to make any amendments you need.

Take advantage of an automated customer journey tool

WillSuite offers a fully customisable workflow tool called pipelines. This tool allows you to set up multiple workflows that can track customer journeys, monitor progress of cases, automatically send out communication to clients and advisors, schedule tasks and more.

The customisable nature of this tool allows you to scale it around your business and align it perfectly with your existing processes with minimal steps to get everything set up.

More customisable than other products

Because WillSuite offers an integrated client relationship management system and case management system, many of our users have found the software is more customisable than other offerings on the market. Areas of the system offering customisation include:

  • Case management and index
  • User management
  • Pipelines
  • Letter templates
  • Global address book and documents
  • Document customisation
  • Company settings (variety of options for tailoring each aspect of the system)
  • Branded invoicing and client facing portal

Value for money

With a rolling monthly cost of £89 per user, per month (+VAT), the software provides excellent value for money for firms of all sizes and can be scaled up as needed.

Because WillSuite is intuitive and easy to get set up for the first time, the opportunity cost of delay is extremely minimal. From the moment you receive your login details you can begin customising the system around your business, import existing cases and begin drafting documents. Our world-class support team is also hand to answer questions and provide support whenever you need.

Integrated client portal

Connect is WillSuite’s client facing portal, made specifically for estate planning professionals to help them request more from their clients. One huge benefit of connect is the ability to have your clients input their own data into your WillSuite system with ease and security. You can request clients to:

Fill out their address book, client information and assets and liabilities

Upload documents like proof of address

Sign, approve or reject documents

Answer questions made via custom questionnaires.

Request appointments

Connect can be fully branded for your business and is intuitive to use for both the professional and the consumer.

How do I learn more?

You can find out more information about WillSuite on our website, or alternatively, you can speak to a member of our helpful team who would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! https://willsuite.co.uk/contact