Why use Software over Precedents

Written by WillSuite on 7th February 2022

Why use software over precedents? 

A recent poll of estate planning professionals showed that 21% still draft documents using precedents and document templates*. Many explain that “that’s how we have always done it and we’ve built up a great bank of precedents”.

79% of professionals use software to produce their legal documents and there are a number of reasons why this is more efficient. In this short article we explain why software WILL make your business more efficient.

Firstly, using software doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your bank of precedents and a good software package like WillSuite enables you to build in your precedents using our handy ‘Global Clause Library’. Naturally, our software package already has a comprehensive clause library ready to use.

Another reason that using software is more efficient is because cloud-based software like WillSuite means that all or any member of the team can log into a case anywhere (with an internet connection) to progress the production of a document. This means progress won’t be hampered if someone is off sick or on holiday.

One of the main draws of legal document software is that it makes the business more efficient. WillSuite uses intuitive and intelligent questionnaires which draw in the correct and necessary precedents in real time when drafting documents for clients. This means that you can produce documents in half the time. Then, when you consider the case address book, this makes the production of other documents such as lasting powers of attorney even more timely.

It’s fair to say that mirror wills and 4 LPAs can be produced within WillSuite within 15 minutes.

Outside of ‘drafting’, software brings other business efficiencies including full case management and data retention, appointment booking, invoicing and can help improve client communication.

Here are the views of 5 practitioners who have shared their view on software and the impact on their business:

WillSuite have built a fantastic platform for automating will-writing and the CRM features make running a business highly productive.” - Mark Hurst

“A fantastic addition to my business. WillSuite has streamlined my drafting and increased productivity.” Chris Fooks

“It helps reduce our drafting time dramatically and the additional touches (like automated text updates etc) really help improve the quality of service our Clients receive.” - Jade Gani

“We use WillSuite as our CRM and drafting software and can highly recommend. The system does what we need, keeps an up to date log of client files, assists with the preparation of documents and provides data and statistics that help us with our business.” - Robynne Casswell.

“WillSuite is by far the best software I have used,  enabling me to produce Wills and Associated documents. Being able to keep on top of document production with tools like the pipeline means my clients will never be disappointed.” - Ally Ilott.

Of course, the thought of changing what you’re used to and moving over to a software package can be daunting and the cost implications are also a practical consideration but WillSuite has thought of that.

We offer a free 14 day trial to test the functionality before any decision or commitment is necessary. We offer a tailored demonstration too to explain the elements that could be useful to your business or department. Additionally we offer flexible rolling monthly contracts and fixed monthly costs to provide clarity and certainty.

If you’re looking to set up a demo or a trial, head over to willsuite.co.uk.

*The poll was a LinkedIn Poll run by Tom Stansfield and included responses from 33 practitioners.