Two new features

Written by Samuel Jackson on 5th July 2021

Sometimes the biggest changes you can make to how your business operates, end up coming from the little details. At WillSuite we continually build smart features into the system that help keep turnaround times down, achieved simply through intuitive automation. 

Put simply, the more we can reduce drafting times means  less man-hours spent on cases and of course, a happier more informed client. 

A great example of this at work is one of our more recent features, Stripe Pay-by-link Invoicing. After integrating your Stripe account, you’re off to the races. 

Nice and simple, send the invoice link to your client and they’ll be able to make a secure online payment which goes straight to you. . How easy is that? These invoices will automatically update to show as paid when completed too, which reconciles with the WillSuite invoicing dashboard. 

We’re also in the process of adding in KYC and AML checking to the system through our LexisNexis integration, meaning you can quickly carry out the checks required to commence drafting whilst protecting your business from mitigation by following proper due diligence.

Small integrations like this go a long way in speeding up administrative work.

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