Two Months at WillSuite

Written by Sam Jackson on 9th June 2021

Hi all, Sam here once again to give you a quick update of how I’ve been getting on working at WillSuite! The 1st of June marked two months in at the WillSuite marketing team, and I’ve got lots to talk about. 

Since I started, WillSuite has expanded its list of features, made exciting new developments, and It’s been amazing to see what I have been able to bring to the table. Certainly an exciting and challenging time to be working at WillSuite.

We’ve recently put out a WillSuite Newsletter, to which I’ve had a substantial amount of involvement in creating. This will be released on the first Monday of every month, containing  exciting updates and offers. If you’re interested in signing up, click here

It’s been great to reach out and talk with industry professionals on LinkedIn. Despite myself being a newcomer to all things Estate Planning, many individuals in the industry have been incredibly friendly and great to connect with. I’ve already learned a lot from everyone, and It’s been amazing to hear all the great things you have all had to say about WillSuite. 

WillSuite’s in-house development team have been working on major updates to the software. It has been a pleasure to help promote and market their hard work. You can read about our latest updates on the blog. These new updates include our online invoicing, KYC and AML checks, and expanded SMS messaging.

We’ve found time here and there to get a few games of ping pong in, which is always welcome after tackling a difficult project. It’s been a rewarding two months, the team is always incredibly helpful to both clients and each other. 

Are you using WillSuite? If not, we offer a 14-day trial to get to grips with how the system works. 

Thanks for reading, and look out for more blog posts in future.