Three things I like about WillSuite (From a Marketing perspective)

Written by Sam Jackson on 4th May 2022

As a digital marketer, I’m always thinking about the client journey and how important the use of a sales funnel and carefully considered messaging is, when it comes to generating leads and securing clients. Other considerations I have to make is the cost of client acquisition and making sure I make a return on investment in my marketing. I thought I'd put together a few thoughts on how WillSuite does all this and more. 

Time Saving and Efficiency - One huge benefit to WillSuite over other systems is the amount of time clients are able to save. Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls, chasing up documents, and slow untrackable progress. WillSuite’s catalog of efficient features means you can run your practice entirely within the software saving both time and money. Simple and complex wills, LPA’s, will-based and inter-vivos (lifetime) trusts, and more, which can all be created directly from existing entries in your case management system. Added to this, it’s all available to view at any time from your dashboard.

Return on investment - Because WillSuite is so efficient and easy to use, the opportunity cost is low. Cases can be set up in seconds, which allows you to have clients on board in no time at all, and with new features being implemented all the time, business efficiencies can be implemented easily. Because WillSuite has such a large amount of features included in the monthly cost, you wont need to subscribe to multiple different services just to draft your invoices, automate emails and SMS messages, and schedule appointments when WillSuite can do it all. All this and more makes WillSuite a fantastic return on investment, all the while monitoring your cashflow from the dashboard to see how you're doing at any time.

Track your progress - When it comes to viewing progression of cases and geeking out at your statistics, WillSuite has you covered. Custom CRM fields, pipeline (case tracking), and key performance indicators are just a few of the ways to monitor case progression, track growth, and manage customer relationships. We also have functionality inbuilt for you to track your CPD, export cases, filter cases to monitor custom parameters and you can look at an overview of your monthly performance too!

We're always building new tools to enhance your experience, at no extra cost to your standard subscription fee.

Have you tried WillSuite for yourself? You can have access to all the features and software for 14 days by signing up for a free trial at

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