Start doing this today to benefit your law firm / estate planning practice long term

Written by Tom Stansfield on 19th February 2021

93% of people say that online reviews impact their buying decision and 91% of consumers say that they trust reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation. Additionally, 90% of people read online reviews before purchasing from a business. *Stats from 

With these 3 stats in mind, we as business owners ought to build our online reputation and encourage happy clients to leave reviews of our service to build confidence and trust for new prospects and this is something that we could start doing today and will have long term benefits.

WillSuite has a tool which makes requesting an online review effortless. Pipeline Steps - Simply build a step into one of your pipelines and attach an email notification to this step. In the notification (alert), add the link for your google review form or for your trust pilot page. When your clients have received their documents and are happy, enter the ‘review’ step of the pipeline and this will trigger the notification.

Here are some simple steps to follow to implement this:


Navigate to the pipeline notification section. (YOUR NAME) in the top right corner > Company Settings > Pipelines (left hand side):


Choose which pipeline you would like to add it to (if you have some already set up) or create one if you’re starting from scratch.

Once you have created the pipeline step, add the ‘alert’ or notification.

If you’re not sure how to get your Google Review link, log in to the dashboard panel on your Google My Business page > scroll down and click on the ‘Share review form’ button.

Copy and paste the link into your Pipeline Notification/Alert and save.


Start adding clients to a pipeline step as part of the journey.

There are two easy ways to do this;

Option 1: Add people manually by going into their case, navigating to the pipeline and entering that step.

Option 2: Click on ‘Case Management’ and then ‘Bulk Update Pipeline’. 

Select all clients that you would like to enter the step in the pipeline and complete. This will automatically fire the notification.

Et Voila, you have sent your review link to clients. 

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