Ostrich Marketing

Written by Tom Stansfield on 2nd December 2020

Another article from WillSuite helping you to grow your business.

There are well over 150 types of marketing and after 10 minutes, I have noted 23 types being actively used (successfully) in the estate planning profession.


One of the main ones that lots of practices do is Ostrich Marketing but this is NOT a good idea!


Ostrich Marketing is the process of sticking our head in the sand and waiting for clients to come to us. In a modern world when lots of websites have lead generation workflows and automated sales processes the face to face element of sales is completely removed but I’m yet to see this work successfully in estate planning outside of the ‘online Will’ and therefore, this is not an effective strategy for many of us.

Businesses where this does work tend to have incredibly strong brands (I’m talking about multi-national businesses). For most of us, it’s about taking a much more proactive approach to growing our business and getting credible (warm) leads.


I’m often asked ‘How would I do it?’

Obviously, it depends entirely on how your business is set up, and what your objectives are but I would be building content (exactly what I’m doing here) and sharing that with your audience and possible prospects. What this will do is let them know that you know what you are talking about.

This content could be educational blog or editorials in local magazines. It might be presentations given to local groups and any way of sharing your knowledge. Naturally, any literature will be branded and will include a call to action.

I would also suggest adding a key performance indicator (KPI) on each piece so you know where the lead has come from. For example – My editorial in ‘The Lincoln Gazette’ will have a KPI code saying #Gazette10 which I would ask people to quote when contacting me.

Do not be salesy! It is not necessary. Once people know you, like you, and trust you, a simple call to action will be enough for them to request more information and at that point, they enter the sales funnel.


This simple two step procedure is the same thing as pulling your head out of the sand and actively looking to engage with new prospects. (build and share)


There is literally 100 other easy ideas we can share with you about how to get new business and we will be sharing these on workshops, in our software, and on our social media (as well as future blog posts).


Any questions or if you want to chat marketing, give me a call. No sales pitch about WillSuite and no catch. We will just share some ideas.