Marketing during Lockdown 2.0

Written by Tom Stansfield on 17th November 2020

WillSuite are always bringing you ideas and tips to develop your business and this is even more crucial given the second lockdown.

Follow these tips or investigate the suggestions to understand how you can improve your chances of business growth during the lockdown:

  1. With another lockdown imminent, have you taken all the necessary steps to ensure continuity of business? Have you added a 'pinned post' to your Facebook letting prospects know how to access your services?
  2. Perhaps let them know about any changes to the way they can communicate with you, how they can book appointments and any changes to document delivery timescales.Consider how clients can book appointments with you.
  3. Maybe give them a link to book into your diary. Don't put obstacles in the way of clients finding solutions to their legal problems. Have you written a blog along the same lines?
  4. Not only is this good for SEO (regular fresh content on your website - with key terms) but it's something you can share on your social media. Has your client journey or sales process changed and has this been reflected in your CRM system?
  5. Now might be the right time to add some custom CRM fields to your system, to run reports and to revisit clients. Obviously, within WillSuite, we make this simple.
  6. Have you automated any aspects of the communication with your clients to free up time to speak to new prospects?
  7. Make life easy for yourself. automate as much of the process as possible. If it improves brand image then that's a win. If it improves the client journey too - win, win.
  8. Have you written your marketing plan and content plans?
  9. Make sure you've got relevant and engaging content going out on a regular basis. Weekly blogs, social media posts every couple of days, don't sell on every post, instead - educate.
  10. Have you investigated new ways to interact and service new clients (Online Wills for example)?

We have a sister brand called Love Legal that provides exactly this. An online Will platform for your website. Speak to Tom or Phil for more information. If you need any help, just ask :-) #marketing #legaltech #lockdown