Marketing - A 6 touch strategy

Written by Tom Stansfield on 30th November 2020

Have you ever tried a marketing campaign and it has not worked? I have lost count of the number of times I have been chatting with someone about marketing and one of the marketing methods I have talked about has been dismissed as rubbish because it hasn’t worked for them. Social media is a perfect example. In truth 100% of my clients have had business from social media using this exact strategy.


To put this into perspective, lots of people dismiss print advertising as a waste of time but it might be that it is not being used effectively as part of a 6-touch strategy.


In short, before anyone is ready and happy to part with their hard-earned cash on your products or services they need to know you, to like you, and to trust you. On average a purchase will occur after 6 touches. A touch could include any of the following:


1.       Exposure to your brand through social media

2.       Word of mouth / recommendations

3.       Branded letters of leaflets

4.       Other print advertising for example an advert or editorial in a local magazine

5.       Having seen your office or shop front

6.       A google advert

I would also encourage you to consider that when someone thinks about writing their Will, they are considering a purchase typically over £100 and as such we, as consumers, are more likely to research any prospective organsiations for trustworthiness.


When someone researches us, they will be looking for credibility statements and wanting to know that we are safe to do business with. This will be information about our regulatory status (or self-regulation), a number of reviews from other satisfied clients, and information about what doing business with us looks like.


In order to do business with someone we should also make it as easy as possible. Our website should include clear calls to action with information capture. With this, we can then email or call clients and increase our chance of clients falling through our sales funnel and converting into clients. Some clients may not be ready to purchase and may have only seen our brand once or twice. Use the opportunity to speak to clients and share information placing yourself and your business as a position of authority in your given subject.

Remember that whenever we do a campaign, we should use a key performance indicator. Normally a code which is specific to an advert so you can measure where enquiries or leads come from.


By following this strategy, we are more likely to build trust and do business with our prospects as well as understanding what campaign worked successfully.


Hopefully this article will inform your businesses marketing strategy.