Maintaining Compliance with WillSuite

Written by Sam Jackson on 27th September 2021

Whether you’re running a solo practice or a fully fledged estate planning business, WillSuite has the functionality in place to assist you in maintaining due diligence, improving client satisfaction, and with the protection of client data.

Mitigating any vulnerabilities with a client's case file is integral to ensure that you’re meeting your obligations to a client. Failure in following due diligence can tarnish a businesses reputation, as many will writers and estate planners are well aware. WillSuite knows this, and has a number of features built in to help. 

Maintain ongoing professional training and record it with the inbuilt CPD logs, easily set up within each user’s settings.

Within the Will questionnaire, there is a section for Testamentary Capacity so you can keep comprehensive notes about what you have done to meet the requirements of the Banks v Goodfellow test. This information can be easily accessed when needed, downloaded and provided in the event of a challenge.

Pipelines are a great way to schedule a Will review and to help ensure that a client’s documents are kept up to date. From a business perspective it’s five times more cost effective to sell to an existing client than to acquire a new one so this tool can be great for business as well as to help improve client relationships. In addition to this, WillSuite users are able to make notes about the client at every stage of the client journey. Advisory notes about clients disabilities, wishes or comments can be logged within each case.

WillSuite has a number of different functions built in to safeguard client data, one of these is 2FA also known as two factor authentication. By needing two forms of verification (a password and a mobile app generated code) it provides an extra layer of security over data. AML and KYC checks are also built into the system through a LexisNexis integration. Additionally, any documents on the system can also be password protected before they are downloaded meaning that their contents are secure. On top of all this, we’ve built  more tools into our new Client Portal in the way of security questions, digital signatures, and more. Here is an article on our new client portal (insert link).

It’s also worth noting that WillSuite has task management functionality built in. Set tasks for either yourself or your team to promote accountability and ensure targets/goals are met on time. 

So that was a lot of the ways WillSuite can help you maintain due diligence, which features do you find the most helpful?

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