Is your business built on quicksand?

Written by Tom Stansfield on 13th May 2021

Is your business built on quicksand? I recently had a conversation with a friend in our industry who commented on how little awareness they had of the full potential of WillSuite in helping provide the foundations for business growth.

Generally speaking we need the following for strong foundations:

  1. Easy access to data and reporting
  2. No barriers to offer a service efficiently and in a timely manner
  3. Knowledge

Bearing this in mind, we should recognise where to go to address these points. I note below how WillSuite and our estate planning software solutions look at these in turn. 

One: Easy access to data and reporting.

Let’s start by explaining (as I often do) that I am a marketeer. I am not legally minded, despite graduating in Law. When looking at a business, I am naturally drawn to data and key performance indicators to understand what we do well and where improvements can be made. WillSuite provides you with tools which accomplish this with your data.

Firstly, the dashboard provides an overview of all your data at a glance to help you better understand how your business is performing. 

Next, to go further in depth, WillSuite also allows you to record any information you may need or want. Whether it’s knowing how many clients you have seen on average for the last three months or  understanding what your average client value is, you will have the opportunity to do just that. You can do this via our simple case and data filtering. In fact, once you have the data, why not export it to run email and telephone marketing campaigns?

Two: Removing barriers to providing a timely and efficient service.

For many clients, their experience with you may be their first. It’s important to recognise that under these circumstances they will be comparing you to another service provider within another industry and THEY WILL hold you accountable to the expectations that you set. 

Software is an incredibly powerful tool to help us improve our brand perception and to deliver timely communication. WillSuite recognises this and provides a number of features to help set and manage client expectations. Everything from the appointment booking with automated notifications for yourself and your clients, through to the pipeline functionality and invoicing. All of which can update the client about what is expected of them, or where they are within their journey with you.

Three: Knowledge.

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote - “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” perfectly represents the attitude I believe in when it comes to business building. With knowledge comes confidence and when we can confidently convey our knowledge, we build a position of authority and it becomes easier for us to build our ‘know, like and trust’.

The knowledge foundation then makes it easier to get business reviews and referrals - essentially delivering 80% of our business.

Whilst I’m sure there are other things you can do to build strong foundations, these three factors stand out to me and are something I put focus on.

If you would like to book in a 1-2-1 marketing session with me to discuss how your practice could benefit from using all of the features within WillSuite, please get in touch on LinkedIn or by emailing [email protected]

Here are what others have said about our service:

“A fantastic addition to my business. WillSuite has streamlined my drafting and increased productivity. The level of support is excellent and any questions are responded to extremely quickly. Highly recommended.” - Chris

“We use WillSuite as our CRM and drafting software and can highly recommend. The system does what we need, keeps an up to date log of client files, assists with the preparation of documents and provides data and statistics that help us with our business. The team is great to deal with and documents are returned quickly and efficiently.” - Robynne

“Tom and the team couldn't be more helpful or willing to assist with any queries or tweaks! WillSuite itself is so user-friendly and completely customisable. It will help reduce our drafting time dramatically and the additional touches (like automated text updates etc) really help improve the quality of service our Clients receive. Plus, if we ever need any help then the team are right there ready and willing to get stuck in. The value for money is second to none. Would absolutely recommend!” - Jade