Importance of CRM for your business

Written by Sam Jackson on 5th July 2021

Practitioners who are looking for a solution to automate their client communication and to help build relationships, look no further. Gone are the days of worrying about chasing up clients and wondering what step of the client journey you’re in. WillSuite provides a comprehensive CRM system, designed for will-writers, solicitors, and lawyers to automate client communication and keep track of customer journey progress. CRM fields are customisable, simple to add and use, and can be tailored to how you want your practice to run and geared towards the data you want to capture.

Let’s suggest you want to track and filter where leads have come from, create a GDPR Consent field, or even create specific customer journeys. All of this is possible within WillSuite. CRM filters can be used to group and export cases via CSV. This makes it really easy to identify and track things like where you’re getting the most referrals from for instance. Field types can range from text-boxes, currencies, drop-downs, checkboxes and more. 

Our custom client journeys are called pipelines, and with this feature you’re able to set up notifications, reminders, tasks, and alerts to either yourself or your client automatically when specific stages of the journey have been reached or triggered. How these pipelines work is completely up to you, and can be designed around anything your business needs. You can even set pipelines to be automatically assigned when a new case has been created. All the exchanges you have with the customer are then stored in the client interaction log for monitoring. You are also able to utilise mail merge tags in the notifications triggered within these pipeline steps or use mail merge tags in documents to tailor them to each individual client. Simply create a template document using our tags on the letter templates page, upload it to the system and you’re away.

Many of our users are taking full advantage of pipelines, and we’ve heard great feedback. The main benefit being cited is the amount of time being saved, without sacrificing the quality of customer interaction. 

So as a brief overview, that’s WillSuite’s Client Relationship Management. But why is it so important for your business? We’re all for helping businesses avoid double data entry, keying errors and with pipeline your client interactions only need to be set up once. 

You can see all of WillSuite’s key features and how they can help your business by viewing our features page.

And if you haven’t already had a trial with us, you can try WillSuite free for 14 days. Better still, if you would like to book in a 1-2-1, get in touch.

Thanks for reading, watch this space for more informative blog posts.