How WillSuite can help you market your business

Written by WillSuite on 11th September 2020

WillSuite’s Head of Growth – Tom Stansfield is running a number of practical workshops to support users market their business. Everything from ‘How to create the perfect email marketing campaign’ to ‘Using the system to grow their business’. All of these events can be found on the WillSuite Eventbrite page.

As a marketeer, Tom is keen that those attending the sessions understand that marketing is all-encompassing and impacts on branding, advertising, customer service, communication etc. All of the sessions have in fact been developed to ensure that WillSuite users maximise the system’s functionalities around all of these subjects.

There are several features built into WillSuite which make it a must-have tool for anyone writing Wills and associated legal documents with an emphasis on saving you time on menial administrative tasks.

Our system is used widely by Solicitors, Will Writers, Financial Advisers, and Mortgage Brokers. Particularly those who want tools to support them with case management, care about producing documents that their clients can understand and those looking to grow their business.

WillSuite and sister company Love Legal has this covered.

Those practitioners in the ‘marketing know’ maybe doing some PEST analysis on their business at present and noticing some interesting trends, Many clients have been providing valuable feedback to our team.

The needs of estate planning practitioners and their clients have changed over recent years and certainly within recent months. The emergence of online Wills as a mainstream service is keeping practitioners on their toes. WillSuite have this covered through the sister-company Love Legal.

If you’re looking to sweep up and not miss out on clients who are perhaps more cost-conscious or those concerned about meeting face to face, then an online tool available to allow them to create their own Will is a must and Love Legal provides just this solution.

Remember that some clients are not always ready or in a place to buy upsells or more expensive estate planning tools from you right now, but this does not mean you should turn them away. Is it not better to provide them with something like an online offering and then be able to support them in the future?

If you would like a demo of our online offering, then head over to our Eventbrite page and book onto the Love Legal Demo.