How Will Writing has changed

Written by Sam Jackson on 5th October 2021

The concept of writing a Will dates back to Ancient Greece. Despite the age of the practice, Will Writing has changed significantly over the last decade, mainly in the way that software assists practitioners to draft more efficiently. 

Gone are the days of typewriters, will templates or writing with a quill by candlelight. The digital age has brought new opportunities to develop and maintain strong customer relationships, reduce billable hours, by providing tools to assist the modern practitioner built, manage and grow their practice

WillSuite is a perfect example of how software has shaped the industry, by constantly innovating, developing business efficiencies, and creating tools for estate planners and solicitors. Our software can be used to draft both simple and complex Wills and LPAs in minutes. In addition, WillSuite is a fully fledged CRM with a huge list of functionality. Despite the industry making the move to software, many practitioners still cling to old precedents written in legalese. They spend a countless amount of billable hours drafting Wills, all while trying to communicate with clients via a sea of emails. 

So what benefits do you get from using software over precedents?

WillSuite for instance, costs as little as £69 + VAT per month and includes;

  • Simple and complex legal document drafting with professional clauses written in plain English (Crystal Mark accredited)
  • Comprehensive CRM
  • Appointment scheduling with Zoom 
  • Branded invoicing with a Stripe gateway
  • Logs to track continuing professional development
  • Task management functionality
  • Office 365 integration
  • Branded Client portal
  • Print, bind, and send document functionality
  • And many more features

It’s quite easy to see why so many forward thinking firms are moving towards software, and each year platforms like WillSuite only get better. Our software specifically is built on user feedback and full training, onboarding and support is included.

Have you got any suggestions for what you’d like to see implemented in WillSuite? Let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected]