How to make the most of WillSuite

Written by Sam Jackson on 30th November 2021

Even the simplest of software can have an initial learning curve, and even once you learn the ins and outs, there always seems to be more to learn.

So what does it take to become a master of WillSuite? A real drafting wizard? An expert in all things CRM? This article should provide you some insight to make the most of the platform.

CRM Fields - CRM fields or data can be a huge asset to your business and can help you organise case files. In a nutshell, CRM fields allow you to record specific data within a case file, which can then be filtered and used to create reports at a later date. Because CRM fields can be fully customised, the possibilities are truly endless, here’s a few for example.

  • Lead source (Great if you’d like to assess where the majority of your business is coming from)
  • Stage in the customer life cycle
  • Consented to being contacted (GDPR)
  • Client value (knowing what each client is worth to the business
  • Understanding what business assets a client has.
  • And lots of system default CRM fields to choose from!

This is one feature that contributes to the larger customisation of the system and helps tailor the platform to your workflow. 

Pipelines/Customer Journeys - Following this, another hugely customisable feature is our customer lifecycle functionality, which we call Pipeline.

Effective usage of pipelines helps to automate your customer relationships, maintain compliance, assist with remarketing, and help you with knowing which stage of the customer journey you’re in. Here’s what you can do with Pipeline.

  • Create both document and client pipelines
  • Automate the sending of emails and SMS messages
  • Create assigned tasks upon the entering of a pipeline step
  • Create delayed notifications for alerts, reminders, and remarketing
  • Apply watermarks to documents based on the pipeline step (DRAFT)
  • Boost your client retention with automation

Task management - This feature allows your team (or just you) to set tasks/reminders to complete work, send documents, or even to chase up late invoices. This can be enabled within the company settings tab (there are plenty of other changes you can customise here too!) When task management is enabled, you’ll find the task management tab at the top of your WillSuite dashboard. Simply click the tab and begin creating tasks for yourself or your team. Tasks can also be created via the pipeline, this is handy when you need a task to be carried out upon the entering of a pipeline step.

Document customisation - WillSuite allows you to customise your documents in line with your business branding. This includes;

  • Font type and size
  • Front cover and footer image (upload your own or use one of ours)
  • Contact information on the front cover
  • How people are referenced within the will
  • Padding
  • Page titles
  • And much more!

Invoicing - Finally, our Stripe integrated invoicing feature. One of the easiest ways to enable card payment within WillSuite. Did you know that in 2020, 50% of online UK payments were made through card?*. Simply integrate your Stripe account with WillSuite and enjoy seamless payment. In the invoicing tab, select send invoice and the secure payment portal will be automatically emailed to the client using the email provided in the case details.

*Source: Worldpay 2021 Annual Report

If you’d like a more comprehensive run through of any of the above mentioned features, or to learn more about what other features WillSuite has to offer your business, get in touch for a demo [email protected]

Thanks for reading!