Here's how WillSuite is helping businesses to grow during Covid19.

Written by Tom Stansfield on 13th July 2020

WillSuite has been developing software for Solicitors, Will Writers and Estate Planning Professionals for over 5 years now. Our software is creating over 1500 Wills and documents per week and our business produced the first industry report from a software provider designed to help practitioners and the wider community understand the trends and habits of those writing their Wills. The report is also being used by forward-thinking practitioners to hone their marketing strategy and drive more of the right sort of business from the key or target demographics.

There are also features on the WillSuite dashboard which enables you to create a more targeted marketing strategy. Graphics like your customer location heat map and info on your most popular services in real-time.

We have got so much more planned though. We want all WillSuite users to have an edge so we’re focussing both time and resources to developing the CRM on WillSuite. We have two exciting developments coming out in the next fortnight. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with what we have going on and the positive effect it will have on your business.

If you are not a user on WillSuite or haven’t had a trial recently then get in touch, we will be happy to give you a 1-2-1 demonstration. Additionally, we are going to be hosting a monthly group demonstration on our software (not just WillSuite), shedding some light on upcoming developments. Better still, we're going to host some insightful marketing sessions, some sessions from loved and respected industry experts and we will be providing more resources than ever before.

WillSuite is also the engine for an exciting piece of kit brought to you by the estate planning arm of Love Legal. Through Love Legal, you are able to offer clients Wills online via your website. It’s not just Wills though… Your clients can purchase Living Wills (Advance Medical Directives) and Lasting Powers of Attorney by completing intuitive and customisable online questionnaires. The engine creates the documents for your clients and you decide what the journey for them looks like.

Legal technology doesn’t have to be complicated (not for you anyway). We remove the complication and have created a system used sector-wide to help improve business. When you are ready for your trial just CLICK HERE.