Email Signatures - An awful lot of small print but does anyone read it?

Written by Tom Stansfield on 5th April 2021

We had an internal chat a month ago about email signatures and it was suggested that no-one really reads the small print in them…

Since then we have been on a mission to test the theory.  So exactly a month ago we added some small print to our email signatures offering a month’s free WillSuite for one user to the first person to spot the additional text and to quote it.

With the number of enquiries coming in and emails being sent we expected that within a month, the offer would have been read and claimed but, to our surprise, no-one picked up on it.

Here is what we put:

"The first person quoting the code #readthesig will be entitled to a free months use of WillSuite for one license"

We even teased on our social media that people hadn’t picked up on it yet:


Purely coincidental but Tom also commented on a LinkedIn post from someone asking what to put in their email signature and said that ‘no-one reads them’ and referring to the legal text: