Compliance for Law Firms - With WillSuite

Written by Tom Stansfield on 22nd April 2021

Compliance for law firms is an incredibly important topic and one that WillSuite takes extremely  seriously. There are several tools built into the platform geared towards the protection of the firm, the clients. Designed to enable the law firms to meet their regulatory obligations.

Protection of client data:

WillSuite exclusively stores client data in the UK, meaning this data never leaves our shores. All data is stored in server centres in England in accordance to our contracts with Amazon and Digital Ocean. Whilst it may seem like common sense, we are sometimes asked who owns your data and whether WillSuite will use this data for any purposes other than the production of Wills and legal documents. The answer is simple. It’s your clients’ data. We are merely custodians of this and we will never sell this onto any third parties. 

With law firms in mind, we have built in useful tools enabling you to keep your data safe. You can enable two-factor authentication on your accounts to add an additional layer of security. We also have built tools enabling you to encrypt documents in WillSuite prior to emailing these to clients. You can also now use WillSuite’s portal to securely send documents to clients for approval. Anyone wanting more information on how data is handled by WillSuite is welcome to request a copy of our data security policy. 

Speaking of our WillSuite Portal, there are more new features available to support the law firms with their regulatory requirements.

  1. Ability to send engagement letters to clients for them to electronically sign.
  2. Ability to record (using an interaction log) when clients have accepted or rejected draft documents
  3. Ability to request copies of IDs from clients online
  4. Ability to complete KYC and AML checks using the WillSuite LexisNexis integration.

One more thing:

WillSuite new features include:

  • Receiving secure online payments using the WillSuite portal and the pre-existing invoicing feature.

  • Zoom integration: set up  Zoom meetings with for your online meeting with them.

If you would like to trial WillSuite or to have a customised demonstration to show how WillSuite can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you.