Appointment booking on WillSuite

Written by Tom Stansfield on 20th July 2020

Are no-shows at appointments a problem. Do you need a better or less time-consuming way to book in an appointment for a client? Would you like a way to manage your consultants' diaries and book appointments for them?  We've got a solution. 

Benefits For Clients

When booking an appointment for clients our system allows you to automatically send a confirmation email or SMS (or both) to confirm that an appointment has been booked, when and where it will take place, and with who.

It also has a handy optional feature meaning that automatic reminders are sent out to the client on the day of the appointment too to reduce the chance of a no-show.

These appointments are shown on your dashboard so you can see what appointments are booked in for the day, week or month.

Additionally, because you can integrate with Outlook, this will automatically populate your Outlook calendar. Very handy!

For Advisers and for your business

The dashboard shows you what appointments are going to be taking place that day, week or month so you'll always know whats going on. WillSuite also allows you to book an appointment in for specific adviser and the client is therefore notified which adviser is going to be coming to see them.

Zoom Integration

If your business is now doing video meetings via Zoom then at the click of a button you can generate a meeting link and this will be added to the meeting notification for the client. On the day of the meeting, they can simply click the Zoom link in their appointment confirmation and you'll be able to conduct your appointment.

Watch this video to see a demonstration.