Advantages of using LEAP Estates as a Solicitor

Written by WillSuite on 1st July 2024

LEAP Estates is a completely end-to-end digital solution for private client solicitors, will writers, estate planners, independent financial advisors and any professional looking for an all-in-one software package, specifically designed for estate planning and probate.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the advantages LEAP Estates can bring to a private client solicitors firm or department.

An end to end solution

LEAP Estates has all the tools, features and integrations you need to run your will writing business, this includes:

  • Comprehensive estate planning document production via WillSuite integration.
  • Cutting edge Estate Administration application for tax calculations and filling out IHT forms and schedules.
  • Secure searchable matter list, with a full case management system.
  • Complete Office 365 integration, featuring Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams.
  • Automated forms and precedents, including a full list of estate planning templates.
  • Back office administration and accounting, including invoicing and Xero integration.
  • LEAP Estates mobile app
  • Time tracking features with automatic billing reconciliation

How would a private client solicitor use LEAP Estates?

LEAP Estates is a perfect fit for private client solicitors firms of any size, and is the only fully end to end solution on the market specifically designed for estate planning and estate administration.

As a private client solicitor, you have the ability to customise and control each part of the software to ensure maximum efficiency and alignment with your firm’s workflow. Document templates, automated email communication and case progression workflow tools can all be customised and tailored to your firm's needs.

Compliance is a big part of LEAP Estates and for a solicitors firm, which is why every document, email, case note and client address book entry is saved and stored securely. InfoTrack, one of LEAP Estates’ integrations, can be used to onboard clients using AML and KYC checks.

LEAP Estates makes drafting extremely efficient, either using automated templates or WillSuite for estate planning documents, in a fraction of the time it would take to manually create them. The Estate Administration feature simplifies the collection of data and the creation of IHT400 forms and schedules.

Having entered all the income, assets, expenses and other data in a single location, generate the required forms and save directly back to your electronic matter in an instant.


Integrations are also a crucial part of software for will writers. LEAP Estates offers a variety of powerful integrations:

  • WillSuite - Market-leading estate planning software used by over 700 firms to efficiently draft documents like wills, lpas, letters of wishes and severance of joint tenancy
  • LawConnect - An intuitive and robust integration that allows for document sharing, client collaboration and for approval or signing of documents. 
  • ByLawyers - Providing practical up-to-date legal guides and precedents for lawyers, authored by experienced practising lawyers. The legal guides comprise matter plans, commentaries, precedents and forms.
  • RapidPay - Allows for online payments as well as payment reminders, automated receipt postings and bank reconciliation.
  • Xero - Accurately manage time recording, legal billing and client accounting.
  • InfoTrack - Access everything you need to digitally onboard your clients with the Verification of Identify  solution being a crucial piece of the due diligence process. Bankruptcy searches can be automated and all costs incurred in InfoTrack are sent back to the ledger in LEAP Estates and identified against the matter number.

If you’d like to learn more about how LEAP Estates can help your private client firm, get in touch -