A week with WillSuite as Head of Growth

Written by Tom Stansfield on 14th July 2020

I have been working with WillSuite now a little over a week. During this time, I have had my first ever coffee (a single shot latte), played 8 games of table tennis (won one) but more importantly, I have had 30+ calls and video calls with clients and people wanting to know more about the perks of using our systems. Normally these calls are dealt with by our customer support team but I’ve jumped onto a couple to get feedback and to see what sort of questions users have.

Naturally, with any new job, there has been an element of learning and despite how well I thought I knew the system from my the at The Society of Will Writers, there have been tons of developments and there are so many new features and aspects to the system that I didn’t know about. The team have clearly been busy.

One of the things that have particularly surprised me is that within our group of companies (WillSuite, TrustSuite and Love Legal), we can have someone up and running on the systems very quickly. This makes it even easier for new users.  This week alone, we have had people on WillSuite trials within minutes and that includes having branded the system for them too.

A particular highlight of the first week for me has been getting feedback from users on how they use the system. One used simply told me “I think WillSuite is great!” whilst another said, ‘Your job will be easy as the software speaks for itself”.

I am a bit of a business book and podcast fan, and from my reading, I’ve seen a trend that companies who thrive all have something in common. They all have focus and purpose. I’ve been working with the team now for over a week and am thrilled by their attitude towards helping customers and by wanting to help all users make the most of the functions within the system. This drive towards customer care explains why WillSuite continues to grow at such a rate.

Another thing that has struck me this week is the capability of the Love Legal online Will Writing system. Typically online Will platforms are only able to create basic Wills but the Love Legal system creates an opportunity for a comprehensive online offering, with customisable options, stop or breakpoints and opportunity for a full sales process. With the right marketing behind it, there will be no stopping a business who uses it. Some of the feedback I’ve heard about it this week is that “it’s better than clunky alternatives out there”. Someone else who is keen to come on board this week said “I wish I was using this when lockdown started. I want to come on board as soon as possible as our business needs this software”.

With feedback like this, I am excited about this next week and working with even more businesses in order to enable them to grow and support clients..