5 tips to improve your lead conversion rate

Written by Tom Stansfield on 17th February 2021

Have you ever spoken to someone who has purchased leads and heard them say “It doesn’t work!”. I know I have. Everyone has different experiences when it comes to lead generation, to where they buy leads and the quality of the leads. I have seen people pay £10 for a lead and convert it, and I've seen people pay £50 and waste the opportunity. Here are 5 tips that I would be implementing to improve lead conversion rates:


Effective Lead Nurturing

Don’t just ‘rinse’ data over and over again by trying to call because nobody likes cold calls. Implement a strategy that will consistently deliver sales. If you are going to call data that you’ve purchased, don’t be afraid of using some gentle sales techniques or psychology to stand out from every other firm. If it's a lead from social media or through your website, remember, they have come to you. Always establish a position of authority, build trust and communicate effectively. 


Capture the right information

This tip extends beyond asking the right questions on your ‘contact us’ page. If you’re buying data, establish what the value of the lead is. Ask for a freebie to test it. Ask to speak to others who have used their service - If you do this, and they say yes, they will be careful about who they put you in contact with so don’t rely on this exclusively. You should also ask how the data is obtained, whether you are the only business who will get their details, when the lead was obtained, and how warm the prospect will be about being contacted. If you are going to generate leads on your website or through social media, set out what their journey with you will look like. On social media messaging tools, use automated messages which confirm how quickly you will respond (and exceed expectations). 


Use Content Marketing to convert leads

Once you have captured a client's information, have spoken with them and have begun to nurture the lead, it will be time to build trust. It’s likely that by this point, they won’t have parted with any money. In order to help build trust, consider sending them a guide or document explaining what working with you will look like. This could be sent out with your pre-appointment information, could be included in a ‘client pack’ etc. 


Consider email sequencing

Your email sequencing will normally consist of between 4 and 6 messages over the period of a month. Every sequence will be different but here is an example:

  1. Hi and Hello. Thanks for requesting information about our business
  2. We can solve your problem.
  3. Here is a ‘lead magnet’
  4. Sorry - we won’t bug you anymore but if you did need our support we have an exclusive offer. 


Find the right lead provider in the first place!

This tip is really important and is an extension of tip 2. Don’t be afraid to ask others about their experience of lead providers. If they tell you a lead source is rubbish, ask why and find out what they did wrong.

If these tips don’t deliver business when used properly and in conjunction with an effective marketing strategy, I’ll eat my hat!

If you wanted to build in an automated sequence into WillSuite, use the case pipeline feature.