5 reasons to integrate Keylu with your WillSuite account

Written by Keylu on 18th March 2022

We recently announced our exciting new partnership with online life-planning platform, Keylu. Keylu allows clients to organise and store their important personal, legal and financial documents along with personal items such as photos and video, in a safe and secure online platform. 

This partnership enables WillSuite users to create a Keylu account for their client at the click of a button, enabling the upload of documents, such as a Will, LPA or expression of wishes, ensuring a digital copy is stored securely for the client to reference.

With the added benefit of giving users the ability to appoint Trusted Contacts, such as their estate planning or Will writing expert, the information stored within a Keylu account can be accessed by the nominated trusted individuals when needed. 

In this blog, we’ll look at how you can make the most of Keylu’s integration with WillSuite, and how this can benefit both you and your clients. 

  1. A single source of truth 

Keylu allows users to appoint Trusted Contacts, which means that when the time comes, loved ones don't have to spend hours searching through documents, in filing cabinets and other potential hiding places to find the information they need to administer the estate. 

Your details can also be attached to the account as a ‘Professional Contact’, so that the Trusted Contacts know to get in touch with you straight away should anything happen to your client. These individuals will also be sign-posted by Keylu to the location of the Will. 

  1. A way to keep things safe 

Important paper-based documents are often stored somewhere inside the home, whether it’s in a box under the bed, a safe or an old concertina file. But these aren’t always as secure as they seem and there is always the risk of loss or damage. 

Keylu is an easy to use, secure online platform, with bank-level security, which allows individuals to ensure they have a digital backup of the things which are important to them. Using a Keylu account provides an added layer of protection, mitigating the potential risk of loss in the event of theft, fire or flood.

Offering this peace of mind to clients is invaluable, and it means there is always a digital backup should the original paper copy ever be lost.

  1. A reason to stay in touch

An annual subscription to Keylu is the ideal reminder to keep in touch with your clients after your initial interaction with them has come to a close. 

Each year, when their discounted Keylu subscription is due for renewal, you can check in with the client to make sure everything is up to date. 

Life can often bring about big changes and ensuring everything is updated to reflect a change in circumstances can often get forgotten. Using Keylu to support an annual review with your client helps to maintain the connection, providing the opportunity to revisit their situation and acts as a gentle reminder that you are there to support them in the best way that you can.

  1. Keep track of everything 

We all know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything, whether it’s paperwork or digital assets. As we transition to a digital-first world, keeping track of paper documents as well as online copies can be overwhelming. Simple things like a missed email, an old hard drive or even a house move could result in important information being lost forever. 

Encouraging your clients to store all of their important documents and financial information in a secure place like Keylu makes it easier for them, and for you. Keeping everything up to date and in order ensures that your conversations can be productive and efficient, removing the need to sift through copious amounts of paperwork or multiple online accounts and emails when making future changes or adjustments.

  1. A key point of difference

Using Keylu allows you to incorporate a holistic approach to life planning within your service, providing clients with the peace of mind that you have their best interests at heart whilst also ensuring that those they love can be put in contact with you at a time when they may need support in dealing with the estate.

The fact that the service is digital, also puts you in good stead for clients that are looking for something sustainable – storing documents digitally is not only simpler when it comes to organisation, but it’s also better for the planet, too. With sustainability and climate change becoming increasingly relevant, this could be a unique selling point to potential customers. 

If you’d like to learn about how to activate a Keylu account for your clients through WillSuite and learn more about the integration and its features – click here

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