3, 2, 1 Action 🎬

Written by WillSuite - Marketing Team on 6th September 2021

WillSuite recently invited Phil Pamment from Philip Anthony Associates and Charter Wills to our offices for a day of recording for a new partnership initiative.

Phil was one of the first volunteers to sign up to our new video programme in which he came over to WillSuite HQ for a video shoot. We’re not a marketing agency or video production company but can help you with some new content to build a better brand.

During the course of the session, we recorded a series of videos including a couple of interviews about Phil’s experience with our software packages.

We also recorded a couple of videos for Phil which he will be able to use in his business to market his services to clients.

We are extending this opportunity to other practitioners. If you would like to create some videos for your marketing and to record a couple of videos with WillSuite, get in touch.

Here is some more information about the process:

Is there a cost or catch?

There is no cost to the videos. We will be happy to dedicate some time to filming. We simply ask to add a couple of videos to the session to share with our audience.

How long will it take?

We try to do as much of the prep beforehand as possible so the recording only takes a couple of hours (max!). Typically the videos will only be a couple of minutes long and will be pre-scripted. We will provide all the lighting equipment, recording equipment, and will edit the videos.

What videos can I record?

We’re not too picky on what you choose to create. We’ve done the following with clients:

‘An introduction to (your business)’

‘What services do you offer’

‘What does the appointment process look like’

‘Reasons to write a Will’

We will then ask you a couple of questions in an interview format about your business and how you use our software.

Will they be ready to use?

Short answer is yes. We will provide you with a copy of the video to use as you see fit.

If you would like to book in for a session, please contract [email protected] or [email protected]