10 Months as Head of Growth - WillSuite

Written by Tom Stansfield on 16th April 2021

Yesterday, I took 15 minutes to reflect on what has been achieved during the last 10 months since joining the team at WillSuite.

Over this time the team has doubled a number of things. We have doubled social media audiences. That’s a lot more people who see our content and ideas and these audiences are providing us with tons more ideas to build on the software which you will see soon. We have also doubled the size of the team. We have a new developer and are currently seeking another presently. We have doubled the size of the marketing department, have another couple of content creators coming on board over the next month across the group. This means we will be able to double the amount of relevant and engaging content we can share.

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In the last 10 months, we became the approved and endorsed software provider for the Institute of Professional Will Writers and built on the software from both suggestions from our clients, IPW members, and of course from SWW members. These suggestions have resulted in new functionality being developed and I’m pleased to announce that we will very shortly be launching our new Client Facing Portal - stay tuned.

I’m sure that for everyone, you’ll agree that the last 10 months have passed quickly but I do believe in taking time to ensure that we’re meeting the goals we set ourselves.

For me, when I run sessions for WillSuite clients about marketing, goal setting, key performance indicators, and planning, I will always talk about having a plan to hold yourself accountable to and in my position as a marketeer, I recognise how important this is and I do the same thing myself.

As ‘Head of Growth’, seeing the audiences growing, seeing engagement on posts, seeing the number of clients coming on board, it’s a sign that we’re doing the right things for our clients. We are working hard to ensure that people understand the functionality of the software and how it will benefit their business.

I’m particularly looking forward to the next 10 months. I’m keen to work with more of our clients to make their ideas reality when it comes to software improvements and we will be looking for engagement and holding focus groups to get positive feedback.

Stay tuned… Thank you, as always. Tom