1 Month in with WillSuite

Written by Sam Jackson on 30th April 2021

It’s already been a whole month since I started at WillSuite! When I first started, I was a little weak in my Estate Planning knowledge, something that has improved significantly in only a month’s time. This is just a testament to how thorough and helpful the WillSuite team is, and I can say they’ve been amazing to get to know and work with. 

Since my last update, I've been getting involved with a variety of different tasks within the business, but the part I’ve been playing the largest role in is in social media and content creation. Social media posts, support videos, and email campaigns have been a thrill to work on, and with the amount of features WillSuite boasts, there’s always something to promote or make content for.

March marked a record breaking month for wills put through the system, to which April has kept up the pace with the release of the Client Portal Beta. The new Client Portal has been built to improve the overall client experience as well preventing double keying of data for your business. Customisable questionnaires and requests can be sent to clients with ease. 

With lots of exciting changes coming to the platform things have been very busy, myself included. I’ve had a lot of video projects on, for both the LoveLegal and WillSuite side of things, to show off the awesome features. It’s pretty great, I really enjoy video editing and I’m always working on lots of exciting content, whether it be for support or social media. Speaking of which, are you following us? It’s the best way to keep up to date with what we’re doing. 

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With this month come and gone, I look forward to many more. Thanks for reading and all the best.