Legal Services Partner - Olive Tree Law. Robynne Shares her view on the profession

Written by Olive Tree Law - Published by WillSuite on 16th April 2021

It’s fair to say that the last year has thrown up some unexpected challenges and WillSuite is keen to identify how these challenges have been overcome by businesses in our sector. We are always looking for feedback and forward thinking practitioners and Robynne from Olive Tree Law has shared her thoughts.


Here are Robynne’s views:


What drew you to Will Writing and what is the most rewarding aspect of the job for you?

I worked as a trainee solicitor in a high street solicitors practice and when I qualified I decided to go into Will Writing instead. High Street practice did not allow me to specialise in one area and we were expected to work on a number of different areas. I felt by focusing on Will Writing I could provide clients with a better level of service and expertise.

Tell us a bit about your firm?

We are a small firm based in Retford with just the two of us here. We set up Olive Tree Law with a combined passion to provide our clients an exceptional service at the right price with the most current advice. We work hard for our clients and their feedback is vital to the growth and strength of our business. We offer a friendly, approachable and jargon free service. We get to know our clients and that enables us to provide them the legal services that suit their situation. We are a relatively new firm, but we have a good reputation and work hard for our clients.

How have you had to adapt your business over the last year and what lessons has this taught you?

We have had to change the way we market completely. Having started our business in January 2020 with a face-to-face marketing plan and a target market of the over 55s we have had to change and adapt to the new world we live in. For us, it has given us time to slow down and consider the service we provide our clients in detail. Being adaptable and flexible when things change is not a problem. Going forward we will have even more marketing streams hopefully securing our business long term.

Have there been any pivotal moments for your business?  

I’m going to pass over COVID-19 as every business has had to deal with this, but given we are a new business and we use different marketing methods we always ask our clients how they heard about us. The first time someone said “I’ve just seen you around and heard great things about you” was the best feeling ever. Since then we’ve had this a lot. It feels like a massive change and something we are really proud of.

How has WillSuite improved your business?

Having a cloud based CRM has been vital to us. We can access it anywhere at any time which allows flexibility with working from home. It has also streamlined our drafting process and including al our template letters in the system has been fantastic.

What steps have you taken to drive business?

Having a presence locally have been our biggest move. We are a local business and we work hard to ensure we are seen by local people. The best marketing by far is word of mouth.

Do you see automation as a threat or an improvement to business?

Not a threat to business but a potential threat to client experience if not dealt with correctly.

What is your favourite feature on WillSuite?  

The address book. I love it when a client refers a family member and you can open the new matter from the client’s address book – and port all the details with it! Such a time saver.

Any other comments?

Working with WillSuite has changed how we run our business. Made us more efficient and streamlined the client process. They are an incredible team who are always on hand to help. Thanks again guys!

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